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Website and blog launch

Website updatesPosted by Lara Pajewski Sep 27, 2018 13:43:16
The conference website (gpradar.eu/iwagpr2019) and blog for IWAGPR 2019 have been launched. At this stage, the website provides some very basic information about the dates and location of the conference. Much more to follow!

When new information will be added to the website, a new post will be published on this blog. Feel free to spread the news on social media by using the official conference hashtag #iwagpr2019!

We look forward to seeing you in Rome!!

Posted by Lara Pajewski Sep 27, 2018 15:18:15

Hi Xavier :-)

No, the place depicted in the b/w photo is the Roman Forum, which is one of Rome's most important attractions and is full of tourists during the day. Obtaining the authorization for a commercial demonstration in the Roman Forum would not be easy and it would also be enormously expensive (it is completely different than requesting an authorization for going there with a small team of scientists, to make measurements that have a scientific value).

At the current stage, I have planned to organize the field demo in the cloister or in the gardens of the conference venue; the cloister is about 40 m x 50 m, so it is large enough, and it is also beautiful and quiet; the gardens have to be rented separately so I will see at a later stage whether we can rent them.

As for the Roman Forum, I would like to organize there a night tour with light shows; I have already participated in such a night visit and it is magical. Participants can listen to engaging historical explanations by using headphones and eight different languages are available. This tour with light shows is entitled "Journey in the Ancient Rome" and was recently conceived and designed by Piero Angela and his team, he is the most famous Italian scientific communicator, so the tour is very well thought.

Posted by Xavier Derobert Sep 27, 2018 14:31:16

Hi Lara,

Beautiful website with interesting photos.
Do you manage to invite people in such place (like photo above) for the field demo ?

Best regards